July 21, 2017

Patchwork Owl

Cake carving class with Lindy Smith

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Owl cake carving class with Lindy Smith

Lindy loves working with colour and this striking patchwork owl cake is a perfect way to show off your flair for colour – or borrow Lindy’s colour-scheme if you’re a little nervous about which colours will work well together! For more help, check out Lindy’s award-winning book: “Creative colour for cake decorating” for lots of tips on choosing complementary and contrasting colours to help you create a stunning cake!


marking out owl cake ready to carveThis workshop is ideal if you would like to practise the art of carving, combined with making a truly beautiful owl – the only limit to the “look” of your owl being your own imagination! The skills you will learn on this workshop will be adaptable to many other designs, not just for cakes but also cupcakes and cookies.


This class is designed for most levels of sugarcrafter but some previous experience is heartily recommended. We have also found that it really helps carving a cake with a sharp knifestudents to have a Lindy class under their belt before coming on this workshop. Not recommended for absolute beginners.

What the course will cover:

You will learn how to carve your square cake to make the owl shape and then how to cover it with sugarpaste and modelling paste, using various techniques such as stencilling, cut-outs and embossing. You will have plenty of time to practise the different techniques during the day. It is, however, unlikely that you will be able to finish the whole of the owl covering an owl cake in sectionsby the end of the workshop but you will be able to take your new-found skills and complete the owl afterwards.

What you can expect:

This class is dedicated to carving the owl shape and then focussing particularly on the owl’s beautiful multi-layered eyes, but with plenty of information given about how to complete the covering and decoration of the whole owl. Expert tuition by Lindy is the main focus of the day, you will have Lindy and her team supporting you every step of the way. Our workshops are fun, informative and supportive. We pride ourselves on our Decorating the heart on the owls tummyability to make our students feel at ease and encouraged, giving assistance where needed and space when not. You will not only end the day having created a magnificent cake, but you will have gained valuable sugarcraft knowledge, techniques and tips for use in all aspects of your sugarcraft. We want you to have fun, learn a lot and become a cake friend of Lindy’s Cakes Ltd.

What you need to bring:

This workshop will be a fantastic experience but you will need to come prepared.
Once you have booked your place in the Patchwork Owl Cake class we will send you a comprehensive information pack including a list of what you need to bring. Included in this list will be:

A 10 inch square cake suitable for carving, a covered cake board, buttercream, ready-coloured sugarpaste and modelling paste, a sharp carving knife and a selection of sugarcraft tools. Recipes and more details for everything you will need will be provided in your information pack once you have booked.

Many of the items you will need can be purchased in advance from our shop – we give you a 10% discount on pre-class orders. You will be able to purchase a few basic essentials on the day, but do please come as prepared as possible!

What our students say:

“Truly inspiring! I will definitely come back for another course – thank you very much Lindy!” Lesley

Thank you all for a fantastic, informative and enjoyable day today.  I am exhausted ( but in a very good way)! Lindy is a fantastic teacher with clear explanations and helpful hints and tips and we were very lucky to be able to benefit from your and Sally’s help today as well. ” Gaynor Mitchell

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Finding out more:

If you have any further questions about the patchwork owl cake class or you would like to register your interest in a future class, please contact us using the contact button at the top of the page.

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