July 28, 2017

Paste Patterning

Cake decorating technique class with Lindy Smith

pink flower

Many paste patterning techniques have been used on Lindy’s lovely patchwork heart cake


Lindy is well know, and highly respected, in the sugarcraft industry for her technical ability. Here she takes the humble sugarpaste and turns it into a visually stunning collection of patterns, styles and colours.


We know that it is the little special touches that make a remarkable difference in sugarcraft, turning something ordinary into something quite fabulous. Join us on this dedicated class to learn some stunning techniques of paste patterning.


bring out the bunting cake

Bring out the bunting mini cake by Lindy Smith

You will be confident in handling sugarpaste as this enables us to maximise Lindy’s teaching time and we can keep the practical focus on the patterning.

What the course will cover:

On this course you will learn how to pattern paste. This will include stripes, checks, marbling and the beautiful millefiori, which can also be used to make animal prints such as the leopard print as seen on Lindy’s cake above. Lindy will also demonstrate how simple repeat patterning can be very effective.

What you can expect:

butterfly buttons bag by Lindy Smith

Marbled butterfly buttons bag created by Lindy

Lindy will teach you how to get the most out of these wonderful techniques and you will have time to experiment with many patterns and colours in this class. You will be amazed at the intricate designs you can create and how they will transform your cake, cookies and cupcakes. Our workshops are fun, informative and supportive. You will be taught by Lindy herself who is recognised as one of the most exciting contemporary experts in sugarcraft. We pride ourselves on our ability to make our students feel at ease and encouraged, giving assistance where needed and space when not. You will end the day having created a collection of patterned paste and will have gained valuable sugarcraft knowledge, techniques and tips for use in all aspects of your sugarcraft. We want you to have fun, learn a lot and become a cake friend of Lindy’s Cakes Ltd.


What you need to bring:

dotty spotty cupcake

Lindy’s dotty spotty cupcakes

Once you have booked your place in the Paste Patterning class we will send you a comprehensive information pack including a list of what you need to bring.  Included in this list will be:

Sugarpaste, pre-made modelling paste (made with gum tragacanth, recipe will be supplied) plus tools and equipment that will be listed in your information pack.

N.B. Many of the items you will need can be purchased in advance from us – we give you a 10% discount on class pre-orders –
alternatively you can buy many products on the day.

What our students say:

patterned paste student work

Students experimenting with patterning their paste

“Amazing & awesome, time flew though, 4pm came way too soon, great lunch too. Thank you” -Trixy Gallagher

“My thanks to Lindy and team for a great class yesterday. It was different from the other two that I attended in that the focus wasn’t on completing a cake or a particular project, per se. It was challenging because it wasn’t immediately obvious what I’d want to do/make with each technique, but that was the beauty of it at the same time. Very freeing and challenging. Thinking about it, it was very important to get the description of the class right (and the level) and I think your website description is spot on”. Lesley Grant

“Thanks Lindy I had a great time. The techniques we learnt were really useful, I will use them again and again. And once more, we were amazed by how simple some of the effects are, once you had shared the tricks of the trade. Lindy you are a Genius, thanks!”  Sue Valentine

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Finding out more:

If you have any further questions about Paste Patterning Cake class or you would like to register your interest in a future Paste Patterning class, please contact us using the contact button at the top of the page.

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