July 28, 2017

International Classes

Teaching sugarcraft classes far and wide

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Lindy around the globe

Sharing her skills and talents…

handbag class Rome

Designer handbag class in Rome

Lindy Smith has a huge following internationally, so it’s not surprising that her fan-base reaches as far as Asia, the Americas , Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the Pacific Rim countries.  She has, over the years, taken up many opportunities to teach in countries as diverse as Brazil, Australia and Israel. With a passion for learning Lindy loves to learn as much as to teach. Meeting students from different cultures exposes her to new taste sensations and  different ideas for cake decorating.

Cake jewellery class Tel Aviv

Sharing her enthusiasm and love of sugarcraft is one of Lindy’s obsessions. Lindy not only finds teaching and demonstrating hugely satisfying but she also gains a true insight into what her students find tricky or daunting which she then uses to inspire her teaching.


Brisbane wonky class

Wonky style class in Brisbane

“One of my first international teaching trips was a wonderful trip to New Zealand back in 2002. I was invited by the New Zealand cake decorators Guild to be their international guest at their biannual conference in New Plymouth. This fabulous event was then followed by a tour around both North and South Islands visiting various sugarcraft clubs along the way. What a wonderful way to see such an beautiful interesting country!

Indian inspired celebration cake toronto

Indian inspired class in Toronto

Since then I have taught overseas in many different countries and locations. From sugarcraft and decorating organisations, such as ICES in the States and the Australian National Cake Decorators Association, to sugarcraft shops and schools with their own teaching facilities, to independent groups of fellow cake decorating enthusiasts”


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Spotlight from some of Lindy’s trips

Here is a selection of teaching trips from Lindy’s past international schedule:

Toronto, Canada – Lindy was the international guest teacher at the opening of Bonnie Gordon’s college of confectionary Art back in  April 2008.

Florida, US – Lindy taught at the annual cake convention organised by International Cake Exploration Societé (ICES) when it was hosted in Disneyland, Florida.

Sydney, Australia – As part of Lindy’s  trip  down under in 2009, she taught  classes for Iced affair, in their newly refurbished class room. To read more please visit our blog.

Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, Brazil – Lindy taught some highly talented sugarcrafters in  Brazil on two separate occasions, both times hosted by Bolarte.

Rome, Italy – Lindy is much in demand in Italy and she has made repeated visits. To read about some of  her classes  in Rome please click on the following  blog links: “First ever Italian wonky cake class” “Bellissimo bags”. Lindy has been hosted by cupcake34u.

Oslo, Norway – Lindy’s trips are not just organised by companies or organisations, sometimes dedicated individuals like Elin Rajadurai in Oslo host Lindy very successfully.

Lisbon, Portugal – Lindy taught in Lisbon many years ago and made a highly successful return visit during 2012.

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If you would like Lindy to visit your corner of the globe

globeWhy not help make it happen!
If you are interesting in hosting Lindy to teach, please contact us and we will send you an information pack and answer any questions that you may have.

 Si está interesado en organizar cursos de Lindy Smith en países de habla hispana, y requiere comunicarse en español, puede usar los servicios de gestión y traducción de Tartacadabra. Julio y Lara cuentan con experiencia en traducción y organización de eventos. Puede contactar a través de la dirección de correo electrónico info@tartacadabra.es si lo desea.