August 20, 2017

Class Tips

Our tips for a fun and stress free workshop!

Our workshops are intended to be fun and enjoyable. We want you to come along and have a great day out. Our aim is for you to learn new skills and, as we all know, new skills take practice to become “perfect”!

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Tip No. 1

It is best not to create your workshop cake/cookies for a wedding, birthday, etc. From experience with some of our students this can put pressure on you and make it stressful – we want you to enjoy your day and not feel under pressure to create a “masterpiece” first time.

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Tip No. 2

Make sure you bring all the essential equipment with you. There can sometimes be a little waiting around for spare tools if most students have not brought their own, especially carving knives, smoothers and palette knives.

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Tip No. 3

For the cake workshops you will need to bring a dense cake, Madeira or Lindy’s Chocolate Cake – check out our Blog for recipes and tips. Don’t use ‘fluffy’ sponge cakes or packet mixes. These are usually too light and can make a class much more tricky, especially for the inexperienced cake decorator. Also they may not  be firm enough to support the weight of the sugarpaste – you may end up with a pancake!

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Tip No. 4

You don’t need to buy ready made sugar glue. It is available in sugarcraft shops but is expensive. All you need is sugarpaste and water – we provide the recipe in our Materials and Information Lists if appropriate to the class.

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Tip No. 5

Make sure you arrive at the workshop with plenty of time to set up. We like to start at 10 o’clock sharp as we have a lot to fit in! We understand if you are caught up in traffic as some of our students travel great distances – if so it would be helpful if you could telephone our office to let us know and they will pass a message onto us at the venue to expect you a little later.

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Tip No. 6

Lindy will usually have two members of staff with her on the day. We are here to help you – you may be progressing well and not need our assistance, but if you are having difficulties or have any questions please ask.

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Tip No. 7

If you have any queries please contact us. No later than 24 hrs before the workshop would be helpful.

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