August 19, 2017

How do I make Sugarpaste?

Sugarpaste, also referred to as rolled fondant or ready roll icing,  is available from supermarkets and cake decorating suppliers in many countries of the world. However not everyone likes what is available to them and many countries new to the craft of cake decorating do not have a ready source of sugarpaste, so I’m often asked how is it made.

We are very lucky here in the UK we have a number of different brands to choose from, however it hasn’t always been the case. When I attended my very first sugarcraft course back in 1991, the whole of the first lesson was spent making our own sugarpaste! I then continued to make my own for quite a number of years.

Even if sugarpaste is easily accessible to you, I actually think it’s a good exercise to have a go at making your own – you’ll see how easy it really is and be able to appreciate what goes into the icing itself.

Here is the recipe that I have always used; it’s also the one that I include in my books….


Ingredients Makes 1kg (2 1⁄4lb)

  • 60ml (4 tbsp) cold water
  • 20ml (4 tsp/1 sachet) powdered gelatine (you can use the vegetarian version)
  • 125ml (4fl oz) liquid glucose
  • 15ml (1 tbsp) glycerine
  • 1kg (21⁄4lb) icing (confectioners’) sugar, sieved, plus extra for dusting


    1.  Place the water in a small bowl, sprinkle over the gelatine and soak until spongy. Stand the bowl over a pan of hot but not boiling water and stir until the gelatine is dissolved. Add the glucose and glycerine, stirring until well blended and runny.


  1.  Put the icing sugar in a large bowl. Make a well in the centre and slowly pour in the liquid ingredients, stirring constantly. Mix well. Turn out on to a surface dusted with icing sugar and knead until smooth, sprinkling with extra icing sugar if the paste becomes too sticky. The paste can be used immediately or tightly wrapped and stored in a plastic bag until required.

Have fun and let me know how you get on



  1. I just tried your recipe and im so happy with the results, i dont need to buy it anymore, thank you so much for sharing.

    Happy new year 2012 to you and your family.


  2. Hi Sharon,
    Thank you for letting us know that Lindy’s recipe for Sugarpaste turned out so well.
    Happy new year to you too.

  3. Marina Faria says:

    Hi Lindy,

    Can you please tell how long the sugar paste usually lasts for (expiring date)? I will try to make some cake decorations for a cake but I’m not sure how early can I make them.I don’t want them to go off before we get to eat the cake.

    Many thanks,


  4. Hi Mal

    Great to hear you’re enjoying the blog.

    Lindy only uses powdered gelatine and therefore cannot help with quantities of leaf gelatine. Can anyone else help?


  5. Helen Donovan says:

    Hi Lindy, I have been having a go at making a Lego cake for an 8th birthday. The results I am thrilled with but it cost me a fortune in sugar paste so I am going to have a go at making my own from your recipe. Can I freeze it plain and then add colour as and when I need to use it? Thanks Helen x

  6. Tried your recipe for sugar paste, but found it to be very sticky, no matter how much icing sugar I used to knead the dough with. Can you please give me some advice. Many thanks Tony.

  7. Hi Helen,
    This recipe can be frozen and colour can be added after as and when you need it.
    Have fun with the Lego cake.

  8. thank you thank you thank you!
    i tried this recipe out for the first time today and it was amazing!!
    i live in india where its not easy to source readymade sugarpaste. let me also tell you that ingredients such as liquid glucose, gelatine and glycerine are not easy to find! took me a few days and a loooot of searching but i managed to find the liquid glucose and gelatine! i didnt use glycerine in my trial and it still turned out absolutely perfect! i in fact added a few extra drops of warm water and it was the perfect texture!
    thank you so much lindy! u made my day!

  9. Hi Nan,
    Its great to hear that you can source the ingredients out in India, and that is turned out so well.
    Lets hope others in India see this and know it can be done.

  10. Dear Tony

    It sounds like something has gone wrong. Make sure you are using the correct quantities of the ingredients.

    Good luck!


  11. Dear Marina

    The sugarpaste will last a long time (approx 6 months) if stored correctly in an airtight container.

    Happy cake making!


  12. Hi,

    Im new to all this cake decorating but I really want to get into it. does
    this sugarpaste set to be able to be able to put in the moulds. Does it then
    set hard enough to paint with out leaving marks


  13. Hi Lindy,
    I just bought your “cake decorating bible” and I love it. What a wonderful book. Now I want to try to cover cut out cookies with sugarpaste. How do I store them after they are decorated without the sugarpaste getting to dry to eat? How far in advance can I make them?
    Another question: do you have a good recipe for cut out cookies without eggs? I want to make some for my daughters daycare friends, but there is a child with an egg allergy.
    Thank you for your help.
    Kindest regards

  14. Dear Ina

    Glad to hear you love the Cake Decorating Bible. Once decorated and dried cookies can be placed into cookie bags. Alternatively, you can store them in airtight containers, layering them with kitchen paper.

    Lindy has a spiced orange cookie recipe which doesn’t contain eggs. Here’s the link to it

    Happy baking!


  15. Hi lindy,
    I have made some sugar paste flowers and hearts for some cupcakes, but I want to store them for future use. The problem is after a few weeks of drying they are not hard enough and break very easily. Do you have any suggestions on what I can use to make them rock hard but still edible. Can I add something to the sugar paste, if so how much do I add?
    Thank you,

  16. Hi Kiz

    For many moulds the best paste to use is modelling paste. This is sugarpaste with gum tragacanth added, then left overnight. However for highly detailed moulds you may need a softer paste so that the mould is easier to fill completely. The modelling paste will set hard so that you can then paint it.

    Good luck!


  17. natalie baker says:

    how do i make petal paste? do i use the recipe above and add cmc (2teaspoons? )

  18. Hallo,

    I just read all the coments and I’m going to try the recipe. I want to make cupcakes with 3d teddies on it, as it shows in the top picture gallery of I felt in love with that teddy the minute I saw it !!!
    Is it corect that I must add 1 tsp of cmc in 225gr of sugarpaste? I want them to dry and keep their heads in place. And if thats corect I must use it after some hours or that is for tylose?

    Thank you in advance

  19. Hi Lindy I am only 13 and i am thinking of using your recipie to make some fairly small butterflies. Firstly can I just add normal food colouring to it? Secondly can I paint over it with cake glitter?

  20. Hi Anita

    I would suggest making your decorations out of modelling paste. This keeps its shape well and dries harder than sugarpaste.
    Add some gum tragacanth to sugarpaste, knead in and wrap in a plastic bag. It is best left overnight before using. If time is short you can use CMC Sugarcel which works straight away.
    Add 5ml (1tsp) of gum tragacanth to 225g (8oz) sugarpaste.

    Good luck with your flowers and hearts.


  21. Hi Tiffany

    You cannot use liquid food colouring in sugarpaste. You must use paste food colouring. You can put cake glitter over it.

    Good luck with your butterflies!


  22. Hi Ameli

    You are correct in adding 1tsp of cmc to 225g sugarpaste. CMC works straight away. If you use gum tragacanth it is best left overnight before using.

    Good luck with your teddies!


  23. Hi Natalie

    CMC added to sugarpaste makes modelling paste. This paste is used to add decoration to cakes and dries harder than sugarpaste.Petal paste (also known as flower or gum paste) is used to make delicate sugar flowers. It can be bought in a variety of colours. You can make your own but it is a time consuming process.



  24. Pauline Mann says:

    Hi there,
    im attempting to make a tardis cake for a friends son, im going to buy white ready to roll icing and add black n blue gel to it….I was wanting to know if using the rtr icing is advisable and how i add the colour to it, do i mix the 2 colours together then add to the icing, i have no idea lol


  25. Hello Lindy,

    Thanks for sharing this. The first time I attempted it was a complete disaster because I failed to dissolve the gelatine properly resulting in a dotted sugar paste. The second attempt however was very successful. Thanks so much. I even added half a teaspoon of almond essence to it just perfect!


  26. hello

    thanks for the sugarpaste recipe i cant wait to try it out in the future ^_^

  27. Hi

    do you now where to buy glycerine?

  28. Please can anyone help? My daughter wants to make her own flower paste but we cant find a recipe anywhere. Someone told me there was one on here but I dont seem to be able to find it.
    Any elp Most gratefully appreciated! :)

  29. Hi Pauline

    To add colour to sugarpaste you need paste colours. You add a little paste colour to the sugarpaste and knead it in. You can add 2 colours.

    Here is a link to navy blue paste colour on our online shop:-

    Hope this helps and good luck with the tardis cake!


  30. tarina i was looking for a recipe with flower paste meself and found a recipe on gum paste which i think is the same thing i just wanted to check if the amount of ingredients are right:

    4 large egg whites

    2 lb. bag of 10X powdered sugar

    12 level teaspoons Tylose (#TP100)

    4 teaspoons shortening (Crisco)

    also here is a link for the video:

    i hope this helped tarina

  31. Hello Lauren,
    You can usually get it in your local pharmacy

  32. elaine grant says:

    Hi, having a problem with some Dr. oetker regalice-when i kneaded it it was far too sticky-i had to colour this for a guitar cake i am making. I’ve finally got it coloured but am worried about when i come to roll it out!!Wouldnt mind but if it doesnt work i’ve wasted a kilo and a half of sugarpaste.I used americolor gels, but it was sticky before i even coloured it.Any suggestions please!!

  33. elaine grant says:

    problem solved! just popped it in the fridge for a few minutes then kneaded and rolled out on icing sugar! thank goodness

  34. Buttercream says:

    I make marshmallow fondant and it breaks alot. Theres no Gum, tylose, CMC available here.. so what do i use?
    I have a Cake n cupcake boutique and i really need a solution asap.
    I’ll make the gumpaste from your recipe tonight!!

  35. charlotte says:

    hi please could put up your recipe for flower paste

  36. Charlene says:

    Hello, can you please tell me how to store sugar paste flower, and figurines please? and for how long they can be stored ?


  37. thank you for response! Forgive my delay my PC was broken I had to repair it.

  38. Hello Charlene

    Sugarpaste flowers and figurines shoud be stored in a cardboard box – not an airtight container. They will keep for a long time.



  39. Hello,
    Why not order some from our online shop – we ship all over the world!

  40. Hello Charlotte,
    It’s on our “To Do” list, in the meantime the recipe is in Lindy’s cake books.

  41. Hi,

    Does anyone know how to cover a Horseshoe sponge cake, would it be royal icing or sugarpaste I have no idea
    any suggestions would be very grateful.

    thank you

  42. Hello Sue,
    You can cover in royal icing or sugarpaste. When using sugarpaste you would need to cover in sections.

  43. Hi Lindy, i was wondering is the glycerine you used the same thing we get from the pharmacy or drug store ?

  44. That’s right Rema, use 1/4 of a teaspoon per egg.

  45. Hello,
    Am planning on trying this sugarpaste recipe.
    Though I have one major concern….I live in India and we are in the middle of the monsoon….how will this sugarpaste hold in the present wet and humid climate?
    Thank you

  46. Hi there! Was hoping for a little advice! I have made quite a lot of roses for a friends wedding cake over the past couple of weeks using sugarpaste and gum trag. They set beautifully hard but are now softening and starting to flop. I am storing them in flatish stacked cardboard boxes in my dining room! Im really not sure why! The only thing i can think of is the dampness in the air (horrible rainy cornwall!) have borrowed a friends dehumidifier to see if it does the trick! Am i on the right track or is there something else i should be doing!

  47. Hello Menka,
    Damp and humidity is a real problem with sugarpaste. We just had a class last week where there were problems with the paste because the atmosphere was quite damp. You can add CMC to your paste to firm it up a little, and also if it starts to crack when covering you just need to work really quickly on getting the cake covered.
    Sorry not much help I’m afraid.

  48. Hello Emily,
    I think you are on the right track – the humidity can really affect your paste. We had a workshop last week when the atmosphere was quite damp and our students had lots of problems with sugarpaste. You could use some of those silica gel packs you get in some packaging to absorb the moisture.

  49. Hi Lindy,
    It’s my sister’s 18th coming up and i was thinking of making chocolate sugarpaste. I know you can buy chocolate flavoured sugarpaste in supermarkets and have used it many time however just for a change I’d like to make it from scratch. Would it just be a case of adding some chocolate to the sugarpaste recipe or do I make it in a completly different way?
    Thaks, Katy

  50. Pooja Rathnayake says:

    Hi can i know, 125ml liquid glucose is equall to how many table spoons please?

  51. Hello Pooja,
    An online conversion site shows us that 125 millilitres = 7.03901304 Imperial tablespoons. So we would say 7 tablespoons is equivalent to 125ml of liquid.
    We hope you enjoy making the sugarpaste.

  52. Hi Katy, sorry but we haven’t tried making chocolate sugarpaste from scratch, so can’t really offer any tips. Have you tried looking it up on Google? If you do find a good recipe for it, we would love to hear it.
    Good luck with the cake.

  53. hi Lindy.

    can i half the recipe,would i get the same result and i live in karachi pakistani and weather in karachi is always humid so that wont the sugar paste be sticky? please reply me soon ..thanx

  54. Hi Junaid

    You can half the recipe to make a smaller batch, and it will give you the same result. If you live in a hot sticky environment, always try to handle sugarpaste at the coolest part of the day, and don’t handle it too much!

    Good Luck, and let us know how you get on!

  55. hi Lindy

    well thanx it really worked my sugar paste was too good thank you so much,i made in my room where temperature is much cold and it was good and not sticky thank you so much…

  56. hello!
    i am new in please help me!
    so i am trying to make sugarpaste according to your recipe but after i pour in the glycerine- gelatine liquid to the powdered sugar the mixture starts to crumble and i haven’t even used half of the powdered sugar. it does not combine all together…its not sticky but its not a …paste!! what am i doing wrong?

  57. Hi
    Are you using the right amouont of liquid? 60ml of water (with gelatin abosorbed and heated), then adding 125ml of liquid glucose and 15ml glycerine? And are you stirring constantly while adding the liquid in to the icing sugar?

  58. Hi there
    I love Lindy’s books! I have made cookies using her recipe and decorated them using buttercream.
    I have been thinking of trying to make fondant at home now and needed your help to clarify something for me.
    There are some recipes out there which use shortening to make fondant. However, I noticed that Lindy does not use it.
    Does that mean there isn’t a real requirement for shortening?

  59. Hi Megha
    Lindy does use shortening when rolling out the sugarpaste so it is encorporated! Good Luck with the sugarpaste!

  60. Hi, I’ve noticed a lot of cake makers having trouble with sticky paste but my problem is the opposite. I have tried this recipe 5-6 times now each time carefully measuring out the ingredients and re-checking the measurements to make sure I’m getting it right. My paste always cames out hard and takes an awfully long time to come together due to the icing sugar not sticking to the ball of paste (it feels like too much sugar going in). It is back breaking to knead and never reaches a pliable consistancy. As a result, rolling it out is a nightmare and it always rips when covering a cake. I’ve no idea what I’m doing wrong.

  61. Hi Natasha
    Are you using the right amouont of liquid? 60ml of water (with gelatin abosorbed and heated), then adding 125ml of liquid glucose and 15ml glycerine? And are you stirring constantly while adding the liquid in to the icing sugar? Has anyone else experienced similar issues they have overcome?!

  62. Is glycerene edible?? Any other replacent for it!?

  63. Hi Utsavi

    Thanks for your enquiry.

    Yes, glycerine is edible. Unfortunately we don’t sell it in our on-line shop. You could try using Google to find an alternative as we don’t use it here so can’t offer any advice, as it depends what you are trying to achieve.

    Sorry we can’t help you further.


  64. samantha mccarthy says:

    hi, i am going to try this recipe for the first time tomorrow. Do you know how to make chocolate sugar paste? can i just add some cocoa powder? also i want to cover a 20cm round cake will this recipe be too much? i do want some to decorate with but if i can make it chocolate i need to make it separately would half this recipe be enough?

    thanks, sam

  65. You can buy glycerol in Asda x

  66. Hi Sam

    Sorry for not getting back to you sooner about your sugarpaste query. We are always very busy after the weekend catching up on orders.

    If you have already experimented with your sugarpaste I hope you got on okay.

    If not, then we don’t reccommend adding anything to sugarpaste as it would dry it out. You can buy chocolate flavoured sugarpaste, although we don’t sell it here.

    To cover a 20cm round cake you would need to make a whole batch up, but would more than likely have some left over. Half quantities would not be enough.

    Hope this helps.

    Kind regards

  67. Hi Jenny

    You can usually buy glycerine in any chemist.


  68. I’ve been looking for a recipe for chocolate sugarpaste and was wondering if reducing the amount of icing sugar and adding cocoa would work?

  69. Hi Bettina

    We don’t usually make chocolate sugarpaste so can’t really offer any advice. Try looking on the British Sugarpaste Guild website and see if they have any tips.
    Good luck

  70. Thank you for giving the cmc recipe. I was searching for one. I will definitely try it out.

  71. Hi,
    I was just having a look at this recipe, because I’ve never used sugarpaste and was wanting to try it from scratch. I just wanted to know when making coloured sugarpaste, what you would replace in the recipe with food colouring? Or do you mix in the colouring afterwards when you’re kneading or rolling it.



  72. Hi Chris

    You would make your sugarpaste first and then knead in your colour afterwards. If you are using a paste colour like Squires Kitchen or Sugarflair, then you only need to use a very small amount. Keep adding more colour to intensify if you want. It does get a bit sticky if you use too much colour, so make sure you have cold hands.

    If it is too sticky, you can use a little gum trag, but this does make the sugarpaste go hard so try and do without.

    Good luck.

    Kind regards
    Lindy’s Team

  73. Hi, I only have leaf gelitin, is this ok to use? if so, how many sheets to make a 1kg batch? Im making butterfiles for my daughters cake. Many thanks

  74. Hello Charlie,
    Yes you can use leaf gelatin. Just dissolve it like the powdered gelatin. I don’t know how much you would need to use, but it should have quantities on the box.

  75. Can anything be used in place of glycerine?

  76. Hi Leo

    Sorry but we don’t know an alternative to glycerine in this instance. Try looking on the British Sugarcraft Guild website for some tips.

    You can buy glycerine in some pharmacies as well as supermarkets.

    Lindy’s Team

  77. Heather Challenger says:

    Hi Bettina,

    I came across a recipe for chocolate sugarpaste – or Plastic chocolate as I think it’s called in the US – if you still need one. You can find it here

    Good luck!! I’d love to know how it turns out!

  78. Thank you Heather – please post if anyone has tried this – we’d love to know too.