July 28, 2017

How do I change cake recipe quantities?

I keep being asked how to adapt/scale a cake recipe to bake a larger or smaller cake. It’s not difficult and instructions are given in both my ‘Cakes to Inspire and Desire’ and ‘Celebrate with a cake!’ books! Below however is the chart you will need if you are up for the maths! If not see my alternative in Pink at the bottom.

How to use the chart:

The chart assumes that your own basic recipe will be for a 20cm (8in) round cake that is 7.5cm (3in) deep, as this is the most common size. Therefore, if you want to make a 25.5cm (10in) round cake, for example, look at the chart and you will see that you need 11⁄2 times the quantity of your usual recipe.

Cake size

Multiples of your own basic recipe

(approximate quantities)

Round and


Square and hexagon (measured side to side)


7.5cm (3in)

1/8 [not really practical to make any smaller]

10cm (4in)

7.5cm (3in)

10cm (4in)



10cm (4in)


15cm (6in)

12.5cm (5in)

12.5cm (5in)


18cm (7in)

15cm (6in)


20cm (8in)


15cm (6in)


23cm (9in)

20cm (8in)

1 ¼

25.5cm (10in)

23cm (9in)

1 ½

28cm (11in)

25.5cm (10in)



28cm (11in)

2 ½

33cm (13in)

30cm (12in)


35.5cm (14in)

33cm (13in)

3 ½

Other shapes and sizes not mentioned above:

If you wish to use a tin (pan) that is not mentioned above, such as a pre-formed shaped tin or oval, fill a 20cm (8in) x 7.5cm (3in) tin with water and compare it with the quantity of water that your tin holds. The basic recipe quantity can then be multiplied or divided as necessary.

Alternatively I think the best solution to scaling a recipe down is to forget the maths and follow the recipe quantities, using the leftover mixture to create cupcakes. Who can turn a tasty cupcake down?

Hope this helps


  1. Hi

    I’m wondering if anyone can advise. I need to cook a 30 cm cake and don’t know how long and what temperature. It’s a dense chocolate cake with *lots* of eggs and no rising agent. The original recipe (for cupcakes) has it 200 degrees for 10-12 minutes. I’m thinking 170 for 50-60 but that’s really just a stab in the dark. Any help would be greatly appreciated!



  2. Hi Anna
    You will need to have the oven at 160 and it will need to cook for 2 1/4 – 2 1/2 hours.
    Good Luck

  3. Hi Emily
    Lindy’s Chocolate Cake recipe, for a 30cm round cake, has the oven at 180 and cooks for 2 – 2 1/4 hours. Hope that helps!

  4. Hi Joanna
    Lindy’s fruit cake recipe for a 5″ round cake is cooked for 30 mins at 150 and 1 hour at 120. You can also wrap newspaper round the outside of the cake tin to prevent the cake browning round the edges.
    Hope they turn out well!


  6. Hi Grace
    Cakes usually sink in the middle because they are not set properly, we would suggest not taking the cake out of the oven before the time on the recipe and not opening the oven door.
    Good Luck!

  7. Hello,

    I am making a birthday cake in a 10inch circle tin. The original recipe (8ich tin) requires 5 eggs, so should I use 7 or 8 eggs in the new?

    Thank you!

  8. Hi thank you for this very very useful chart I’ve saved many cake disasters :-)
    But can anyone tell me how much would I reduce a recipe if I wanted in smaller pan eg-: 8″ cake recipe but want to cook in 6″ x 3″ deep cake pan (round)

  9. Hi there
    The table shows that if you wanted to make a 6 inch cake using a 8 inch cake recipe you would use half the quantities.
    Good Luck!

  10. Hi Charlotte
    We would suggest using 7 large eggs and 1 medium egg, to get around the half egg issue.
    Let us know how you get on!

  11. Hello, I am using an 11inch square tin which is 3 inches deep-making a Victoria sponge cake. I have used your chart to help me and I will be doubling the recipe and adding the half.
    I was wondering if I would have to make the cake mixture twice (due to the tin’s deepness) or just make the mixture once and then slice the cake in half after I have baked it, bearing in mind it is a birthday cake and I want to make sure the cake rises.
    I also wanted to know what degrees I would set the oven and how long I would bake I for.
    Could you please reply by tomorrow, I would really appreciate it as I am making the cake on Friday. Thank you for your help.

  12. Hi there
    We would recommend cooking it how the recipe you are following suggests cooking it, Lindy doesn’t make Victoria Sponges but we think they are usually cooked in two tins, however if it is a Madeira it should be cooked in one tin and sliced in half once cooked. We would also recommend using the temperature of the original recipe and the cooking time, and check it regularly after this.
    Good Luck with the birthday cake!

  13. Hi I want to put more dried fruit in my cake mix than the recipe states to make it fruitier,will the batter still hold the mix?As i don’t really want to increase other ingredients! thanks

  14. Hi Christina, should be okay to put more fruit in the mix, as long as its not too much!
    Good Luck!

  15. Stephanie short says:

    Sorry this might not be related to the ongoing chat but can anyone offer any advice on icing for gingerbread?
    I always find when icing gingerbread cookies etc the icing always looks dry but when put into packaging (cellophane bags)
    It smudges and always looks ‘squashed’and it really spoils the look of the biscuits, and its so annoying after spending so long on them and i make a lot of them this time of year.
    Any advice would be really appreciated, thank you

  16. Hi Stephanie
    If you are using royal icing the key would be to let the icing dry before putting the cookies in the cellophane bags. If the icing is too dry, tiny amounts of cooled boiled water can be added to make the icing moist and give it a sheen, to give it the right consistency.
    Hope this helps and good luck with the gingerbread men!

  17. Hi,
    I was wondering if you can help? I am cooking a 12 inch square Madeira using your recipe. Can I double check that after converting from the 8 inch round recipe this would be 18 eggs??!! Also, how long would I need to cook this for before checking on it. It’s for my grandads 90th and all the family will be there to eat it so can’t afford any disasters lol.
    Thanks x

  18. Hi Amelia

    It is 18 eggs for a 12 inch square madeira cake. The baking time would be approximately 2 1/4 to 2 1/2 hours at 160 C/325 F/Gas 3.
    Good Luck with the cake, I’m sure the family will love it!!!


  19. Hi Thanks for this, I need to make my 8″ recipe into a 12″ but I use 5 eggs and 285g of everything else for an 8″ How would I upscale that by the 2 1/2 method to a 12″? Also how do you upscale the cooking times accordingly for the different sizes? my normal 8″ usually takes around 45 mins.
    Thanks for any help you can give me

  20. Hi Cassie

    Thanks for your query about cake quantities.

    On Lindy’s Blog there is a piece about Baking the Perfect Madeira cake. Click on the link below to see her changing quantities and times chart.


    Lindy’s book The Contemporary Cake Decorating Bible has all sorts of tips and charts which help with different cake sizes.

    Hope this helps.

    Kind regards

  21. Hi

    I have an 8″ cake receipe that takes 1 hours 20 minutes at 160 or 140 for a fan oven.

    I want to use this receipe to make 2 6″ cakes, therefore, i just need to use the same receipe amount, although what I am not clear of, is how long I would need to bake this for.

    Can anybody help please.

  22. Hi Lee

    Lindy’s 6″ round madeira cake recipe takes approx 1 – 1 1/4 hours to cook.

    All ovens are different so you need to keep an eye on the cake. When the cake is ready, a skewer inserted into the middle will come out clean.

    I hope this helps and good luck with your cakes.


  23. Hi
    I am making a wedding cake in the Summer and I need to get deep tiers about 4″. I am planning to use Lindy’s madeira cake receipe but it never comes out with such deep cakes. Should I bake two cakes or double the quantity of mixture to get a deeper cake?

  24. To change cake quantities go to Lindy’s Blog where there are tips on how to do this under FAQ.


    Lindy has some cake quantity charts in her Contemporary Cake Decorating Bible.

  25. Hi
    I am making a Rapunzal princess dress cake (2l Pyrex bowl) to sit on top of a 25cm 3in deep square chocolate cake.
    Not sure how to work out the amounts?

    Any help would be much appreciated.
    Thank you

  26. Hi can someone please help me with a recipe for a firm chocolate madeira cake please? I would like to use Lindy’s madeira recipe, but how do I make it into a chocolate madeira? I need a firm yet moist chocolate cake for a friends wedding cake. I will be doing 8″ and 10″ squares stacked directly on top of one another but have yet to find a nice enough recipe that gives the desired result (trialling many recipes is costing me a fortune!). Have the most trouble getting the cakes cooked evenly (would you therefore recommend doing 2 separate layers?). So If i can hopefully alter Lindy’s recipe to make a chocolate version, I presume I would then be able to use the scaling up chart? Sorry for so many questions, am stressed to the max!

  27. Hi,

    I’ve been asked to bake/decorate a 2 tier Victoria sponge cake (7″ and 10″). Recipe I normally use is basically to weigh

    eggs and use equal quantities of flour, sugar & butter. I’m ok with 7″ cake but not sure of how to calculate number of

    eggs to use for 10″ tin, please can you help?

  28. Hi Jo

    Lindy has a firm, but moist chocolate cake recipe in her books. She also has a chocolate fudge cake recipe which is delicious. Here is a link to the recipe on our blog:-http://www.lindyscakes.co.uk/2011/02/02/lindys-chocolate-fudge-cake-recipe/

    Hope this helps.


  29. Hi Carolyn

    Have a look on Lindy’s Blog under FAQ (link below). She gives some great tips about adapting quantities. Or in Lindy’s Contemporary Cake Decorating Bible there are a few charts with various cakes and tin sizes.


    Hope this helps and good luck.

  30. Hi Karen

    Not sure about Victoria Sponge quantities as we don’t have a recipe for that, but Lindy has a chocolate cake chart in her Contemporary Cake Decorating Bible which, for a 7″ round cake, it uses 8 large eggs. For the 10″ it uses 12 eggs. This wouldn’t be the same as a Victoria Sponge but might give you some idea how many more eggs you might need.

    You could try to Google the information you need or just try and increase your whole recipe by a quarter or half and see how much batter you get.

    On Lindy’s Blog she has some useful tips about adapting favourite cake recipes. Click on the link below and see if this helps.


    Good luck

  31. Hi Susie,

    Many thanks for information, much appreciated will let u know how it turns out!

    Thank U, Karen :o)

  32. Hi Rachel
    To get a deeper cake you could try filling a larger 3″ inch deep tin with water and comparing volumes with your 4″ tin.
    Good Luck!

  33. suzanne sharp says:

    i am going to bake a madeira cake in a 12″ x 9″ tin and i am struggling to convert the quantities using your table please can you help me
    thank you

  34. Hi Suzanne

    Lindy has some tips on her Blog FAQ about converting favourite recipes. Click on the link below and hopefully this will help you with your tin size.


    Kind regards

  35. Hi,
    I was wondering how to calculate the baking time for a cake I’ve adjusted to fit a larger pan. I have a 9″ square tin so have done 1.5 times the recipe. Do I multiply the baking time by 1.5 too? So bake for 2hrs 15mins instead of 1hr 30mins?

  36. Hi Kate

    If you just add another 15-20 minutes baking time and keep checking it regularly after this point with a skewer. It should come out clean if it is cooked.

    Good luck.

  37. Hi, is the additional time the same when baking a 12″ cake? Normal baking time plus 15-20mins? X

  38. Hi Carla

    A 12″ cake will take longer. As a guide Lindy’s 12″ round madeira cake takes approx 2 – 2 1/4 hours.

    All ovens are different so you will need to keep an eye on your cake. The cake will be cooked when a skewer inserted into the middle comes out clean.



  39. Hi,

    I am planning on making a 6 layer cake. The original recipe uses three 8″ cake pans but since I need a larger cake I was hoping I could add to the batter and make it with three 9″ round pans. So based on your chart I should multiply the amounts by 1 3/4? Also The recipe suggests baking the cake at 350 for 20 minutes, how do I change it for a 9″ round pan?

    Many thanks.

  40. Hi Maral

    Increase the recipe to 1 1/4 to add more batter to a 9″ round tin – per tin, so if you are making 3 cakes then yes it would be 1 3/4. Or if its easier to double it, then you can used the leftovers for cupcakes.

    You probably would be best to cook for 20 mins as stated and then keep checking it with a skewer to see if it is cooked.

    Good luck
    Kind regards
    Lindy’s Team

  41. Caraline says:

    Hi, I’m baking a 14″ square cake, please can you advise how long I need to cook it for? Many thanks

  42. Naomi Samuels says:

    I am trying to make a princess cake and have a basin tin, not tiffin, measuring 21cm wide and 15cm deep, please could you advise what quantity’s i should be using for a sponge cake and how long to bake for?
    Thank you

  43. Hi Caraline

    It really depends on the type of cake you are baking and what the recipe says. Lindy has a chocolate cake recipe which bakes for 2 1/2 to 2 3/4 hours at 180degc for a 14″ square. You would need to keep checking with a skewer to see if it is cooked.

    Hope this helps.
    Lindy’s team

  44. Hi Naomi

    Not sure what princess cake you are making, but if you are decorating it with sugarpaste, then it needs to be a dense cake like madeira, not a victoria sponge, as that will collapse under the weight.

    For a standard round cake tin measuring 20cm, it would need to be baked for 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 hours.


    Good luck with your cake.

    Lindy’s Team

  45. Abby cooper says:

    Just wondered how u calculate for rectangle cake tins? Eg a 10″x12″?
    Thank u

  46. Hi Abby

    You could try filling the tin with water and comparing it to an 8″ tin as explained at the bottom of this table. http://www.lindyscakes.co.uk/2009/07/27/how-to-i-change-a-cake-recipe-quanities/

    I think quantities for an 11″ square would be about right.



  47. b kelly says:


    My mum has a cake recipe for a 10 X 8 X 3 inch cake…using 6 eggs, 14oz of marg, sugar and flour.

    She has been asked to scale this up to a cake for a 16 X 10 X 3 inch. I am struggling a bit with the table

    Can you help, what multiple of ingrediants should be used…and should the baking time be extended, if so to what?

    Thank you in anticipation, I am being asked for these details by the end of tomorrow 04/06/13..

  48. Hi

    Try clicking on the link below to adapt recipes.


    Hope this helps.

    Kind regards
    Lindy’s Team

  49. Melanie says:

    I want to make a football cake. Your receipe says that I need one 8″ quantity mixture for a 6″ ball. I have to bake one half at a time as I only have one tin. What receipe would I use for half the tin as I will probably bake on 2 separate days and presumably the mixture will not last. Thanks

  50. Hello,

    Would you be able to tell me the madeira recipe I would need for a 12 x 8 inch tin

    Thank you

  51. Hia, I’m making a two tiered birthday cake and plan to use your madeira recipe and fill with buttercream and jam. My question is when scaling the recipe using the above tool – will the cakes be roughly the same height? Making the cake for Saturday so should be baking soon!

    Also, can I add flavouring (i.e. lemon) and how might that change the recipe?

    Many thanks!
    Kirsty x

  52. Hi Melanie

    If you are only baking one half of the cake, then halve the recipe.

    Good luck with your cake


  53. Hi Kirsty.

    Yes the cakes will be about the same height (approx 3″).

    You can add lemon. Use the zest of 2 lemons for an 8″ round cake.

    Happy Baking!


  54. Hi Sarah

    These are the quantities you need.

    700g butter, 700g caster sugar, 700g self-raising flour, 350g plain flour, 12 eggs – bake for 1.45 – 2 hours. I have just given you a recipe for a 10″ square which is approximately the same size as a 12×8″.

    Good luck
    Lindy’s Team

  55. Hello,
    I was wondering if you can help me please?
    I am looking to make a 10″ and an 8″ cake to tier on top of each other and was wondering if you would be able to advise me on the recipes and what quantities i will need? I have bout 3″ deep tins.
    Thanks for any help you can give me :).

  56. Hello Kirsty

    Here are links to Lindy’s madeira cake and chocolate fudge cake recipes which are both delicious. The recipes are for 8″ round so for a 10″ cake you will need 1 1/2 x the quantities.



  57. Hi

    I was wondering what your recommendation is for baking times when you use your chart above? For example if I need to make an 8 inch and a 12 inch white choc mud cake, should I cook them both for the same amount of time?

    Much appreciated.

    Kind regards, Lisa

  58. Hello Lisa,
    It all depends on your oven. What I do is cook the cake for the stated time on the 8″, and then check every 10 minutes. For a 12″ I would add roughly 30 minutes to the cooking time check and then if not ready check every 10 minutes.
    Hope this helps.

  59. Help!!!

    How do I change a recipe for marble cake 8″ round to a 10″ round cake?
    In terms of number of eggs, flour, sugar, cocoa butter etc??

  60. Hi

    You will need 1 1/2 times the quantities of the 8″ round cake to make the 10″ round.

    Happy Baking!

  61. hello, i have a recipe for an 8″ round cake and i need to make a 10″ square cake. what will the upscale be?

  62. Hello Sara,
    You would need to increase the recipe by 1/2, i.e. if you are using 100g you would need to use 150g.

  63. Chris knox says:

    I have a cake tin that I want to make a fruit cake in order to decorate with a golf scene. The cake tin is size is 20cm by 27cm. What quanity of ingredients would l use.

    Kind regards chris knox

  64. Lucieswain says:

    Hi there I am wanting to make a 20cm cake 7cm deep. have any good recipes? And oven temp and time? I’m new to this see. :-)
    Thanks x

  65. Hello Chris,

    You need to find the volume of the tin, so for example 20cm(8″) x 27cm(11″) x 3″ tin would have a volume of 264″. The nearest volume would be a 10″, 3″ deep tin, so you would need to do a 10″ square recipe, but would have quite a lot left over.

  66. Hello Lucie,
    Here is a link to our recipe page on our blog. Hopefully you can find something that takes your fancy!

  67. I’m looking to bake a cake but using a 10″ X 6″ X 2″ roaster tin as the shape suits, would you have any idea as to what recipe I would use and how long to bake?

  68. Hello Claire,
    You need to find the volume of the tin, so 10 x 6 x 2 = 120. Find a tin that has the nearest volume, i.e. 7 x 7 x 3 = 147 and you would have a little left over. Cooking times depends on your oven, but I would start with 1hr 15m and take it from there!

  69. dawnsietay79 says:

    I need to scale a cake up from a square 20cmx20cm to a rectangle 31cm by 26 cm
    please help me :)


  70. Hi Lindy

    Thank you for sharing your recipe. I am making a 21st cake, 3 tiers 5″, 7″ and 10″ and I plan to use your Madeira recipe. I would like to make one of the layers chocolate would your chocolate fudge recipe work for a tiered cake? If so which tier would you make chocolate? I plan to dowel and sugar paste the cake

    Thank you

  71. Hi
    Can you help? I have a recipe for an 8″ cake that I want to adapt to a 14″ tin. I’ve looked at the chart above & worked out my ingredients quantities but how should I deal with the cooking time?

    The 8″ cake is cooked for 4-4.5 hours at 120C in my fan oven, how much longer would a 14″ cake take?

    Any help would really be appreciated.


  72. I have to do 150 cupcakes for a friends wedding. I want to use Lindys lovely madeira cake recipe because I’ve used it for cakes before but I’m not sure how many cupcakes an 8″ quantity would make. Any ideas please?

  73. Catherine says:

    I would like to make a 12″ square chocolate fudge cake and can see this takes triple the recipe, but how long and at temperature would I bake the cake, as it may bee too expensive to try more than one practice cake, thank you


    Hi guys, please can you help me! I am making a 11″ square porter (fruit) cake. Can I use the conversion chart on here for fruit cakes instead of madera? And any idea on how much longer than the normal 90 mins cooking time it will take?!!!

    Many thanks

  75. Hi Suzi

    You can use this chart for any recipe. The baking time will depend on your oven as well as the cake tin and depth of the cake. Keep checking the cake and it will be done when a skewer inserted into the middle comes out clean.

  76. Hi Dawn

    The volume of the rectangular tin is about twice the size of the square one. Therefore I would probably double the quantities. If you have too much mixture you can always make some cupcakes!

  77. Hi Debbie

    The chocolate fudge cake works well in a tiered cake. It does not matter which layer is chocolate, however, if one layer is fruit, I would put this as the bottom layer.

    Good luck with your cake!

  78. Hi Sarah

    It’s hard to say exactly how much longer you would need to cook it for. I would say it would take approx 1 hour longer but you will need to keep checking the cake and when a skewer inserted into the middle comes out clean, it is ready.

    Happy Baking!


  79. Hi Catherine

    Unfortunately we don’t have anyone in the office at the moment who can answer cake baking queries.

    Try logging onto this tip on Lindy’s Blog, although I couldn’t see any help with baking times.

    Usually we recommend baking it for the time stated, adding 20 minutes on and then keep checking the cake with a skewer until it comes out clean.

    Lindy’s chocolate cake recipe for a 12 inch square bakes between 2.15 and 2.45 minutes.

    Hope this helps, but it is usally trial and error, constantly checking when you scale up recipes.

    Kind regards
    Lindy’s Team

  80. Hi Katrina

    Unfortunately, we don’t have anyone in the office that can help with your question at the moment.

    You could try making one quantity of 8″ mix and see how many cupcakes it makes. It would all depend on how deep you want your cakes to be.

    Sorry we can’t help you at the moment.

    Kind regards
    Lindy’s Team